Dubai Banks List

Dubai Banks can be categorised in several different ways according to several Dubai banks lists. Of course, we all know how the listing and categorisation goes and on how statistics are concluded and which are the main statistic makers in every region. Therefore, we will discuss the Dubai banks lists and their different types; also, we will let you know the certain rankings of Dubai banks according to their category.

Dubai banks are most often categorised and researched by Ethos Consultancy. The categories of Dubai Bank lists are mainly the same every year. There are bank lists featuring the Dubai banks according to revenue, overall quality of services, and quality of customer service. Ethos makes its statistics and surveys after visiting banks more than a hundred times a year, makes informative phone calls by mystery shopper firms and writes enquiries to the websites of the banks. In the last few years, Ethos Consultancy has been screening 27 retail banks in Dubai. Let us see the types of their Dubai bank lists with the bank that ranked on the first place at the time of the last survey:

Best Overall bank: RAK Bank
Best International Bank: Lloyds TSB Dubai
Best Islamic ( Sharia compliant) banks Dubai Bank
Best Branch Visit Performance: RAK Bank
Best Call Centre Performance: First Gulf Bank
Best Website Performance: First Gulf Bank
The ranking of most improved banks: Dubai Bank
The best new bank: Al Hilal Bank in 2008, later surveys did not show new bank

Ethos also makes several sorts of overall bank lists as to rank the banks yearly and the bank that has most often won the first award has been RAK Bank of Ras Al Khaimah. Just for information there are also negative Dubai banks lists for example the worst performance of customer service which were "won" by HSBC Bank and Citibank. They have also enlisted the banks with the most declining services and on this place, we can find the National Bank of Abu Dhabi ranked on the first place. According to the collective surveys the Dubai banks lists enlist RAK Bank, First Gulf Bank and Emirates Islamic Bank on the first three places as the three best banks of Dubai.

There are further Dubai banks lists, which keep track of the overall basic banking costs of all the Dubai banks, which include the prices of opening an account, ordering a credit card and also measuring the percentages deducted from clients for the credit card fees and late credit payments. On various websites, you can find further Dubai bank lists of international bank branches, branches planned to be opened and full lists of UAE banks.

Ethos Consultancy measures the banks operation by counting the number of accounts per 1000 UAE adult citizens, branches per 100.000 UAE citizens, ATMs per 100.000 citizens and also counts the number of branches per city, per emirate and per country every year. We can get to know a lot of these statistics and so can the Central Bank of Dubai which is the hub, the legislative and the operational leader of every banks in the area of the United Arab Emirates.

Banks of Dubai:
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